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Title: Tanzania
Post by: charlymorton on June 15, 2016, 11:20:00 PM
Tanzanian airfields - Part 1

HTAG - Amani Gomvu Airport, 3 parking spots
HTBB - Kibambawe Airstrip, 3 parking spots
HTKB - Kibondo Airport, 3 parking spots
HTLL - Liuli Airport, 2 parking spots
HTLD - Loliondo Airport, 4 parking spots

Please note that most airfields in Tanzania do not have an ICAO code. Where one is not available, I have decided to use HT plus the airfield's code from, converted to a hexadecimal code, e.g. Buckreef Airport, TZ-0139, will become HT8B.

Title: Re: Tanzania
Post by: charlymorton on June 16, 2016, 10:47:53 PM
Tanzanian airfields - Part 2

HT38 - Alliance Airstrip, 3 parking spots
HTAR - Arusha Airport, 13 parking spots
HT39 - Birise Airport, 2 parking spots
HT8B - Mawemeru Airport, 3 parking spots
HTRU - Mchauru Airport, 13 parking spots
Title: Re: Tanzania
Post by: JohnL on June 17, 2016, 06:42:24 PM
Many thanks for all the hard work you do improving my flightsim experience.

The readme  for Tanzania airfields part 2 has some oddities:-

The latitudes for HT38 HTAR HT39 and HTRU should read "S", not "N".

HT8B Buckreef Airport is also south of the equator, but I can't find it on GoogleEarth at  S3* 06.8220',E32* 12.9216',4265. However, there is one at S3* 05.7253',E32* 01.1688',  which matches the Buckreef Goldmine Airstrip shown on It appears to be lower (4017' vs 4265'), though I've not checked this on FS9 yet.

Title: Re: Tanzania
Post by: charlymorton on June 17, 2016, 08:32:37 PM
Hi John,

Thanks for letting me know. There was an issue with the conversion from decimal coordinates to the FS format. I will re-upload the files this weekend.

I will correct the Buckreef airport as well. I had some problems finding it when adding it to my list, so have mistaken it with a possibly abandoned airfield at Mawemeru.

Title: Re: Tanzania
Post by: charlymorton on June 18, 2016, 07:07:34 AM
Part 2 has now been updated with the correct coordinates in the readme file and HT8B has been changed to Mawemeru Airport.

Buckreef Airport will be included in one of the next parts.
Title: Re: Tanzania
Post by: charlymorton on June 19, 2016, 09:01:54 AM
Tanzanian Airfields - Part 3

HTBH - Biharamulo Airport, 4 parking spots
HT8C - Buckreef Airport, 2 parking spots
HT61 - Buhemba Airport, 2 parking spots
HTBU - Bukoba Airport, 9 parking spots
HTBN - Bulyanhulu Airport, 13 parking spots
HT79 - Bushman Airstrip, 2 parking spots
HT20 - Buturi Airport, 2 parking spots
HT3B - Chidudu Airport, 3 parking spots
HTCH - Chunya Airport, 2 parking spots
HTDO - Dodoma Airport, 7 parking spots
HT3C - Endanyawish Airport, 2 parking spots
HTFE - Fish Eagle Airport, 2 parking spots
HTFI - Fort Ikoma Airport, 2 parking spots
HT7A - Gelai East Airport, 2 parking spots
HTGP - Golden Pride Mines Airport, 3 parking spots
Title: Re: Tanzania
Post by: charlymorton on June 30, 2016, 07:36:32 PM
Tanzanian Airfields - Part 4

HTGR - Kirawira B Aerodrome, 3 parking spots
HTBS - Mbesa Airport, 5 parking spots
HTEN - Endulen Airport, 3 parking spots
HTGW - Songwe Airport, 8 parking spots
HTIR - Iringa Airport, 6 parking spots
HTIY - Inyonga Airport, 5 parking spots
HTKA - Kigoma Airport, 5 parking spots
HTKD - Kondoa Airport, 6 parking spots
HTKI - Kilwa Masoko Airport, 4 parking spots
HTKL - Kirondatal Airport, 6 parking spots
HTMW - Mwanza Airport, 45 parking spots
HTSO - Songea Airport, 3 parking spots
HT11 - Jongomeru Airport, 2 parking spots
HTMR - Msembe Airport, 4 parking spots
HTBO - Beho Beho Airstrip, 4 parking spots
HT3E - Gorimba Airport, 2 parking spots
HT40 - Handa Airport, 2 parking spots
HT41 - Harbanget Airport, 2 parking spots
HTHY - Haidom Airport, 4 parking spots
HT43 - Ibanda Airport, 4 parking spots
Title: Re: Tanzania
Post by: charlymorton on July 29, 2018, 11:09:15 PM
Tanzanian airfields - Part 5

HTMM - Mtemere Airfield
HTZW - Siwandu Airfield
HTME - Matambwe Airfield