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Development / Re: Possible C172 repaint template for new livery
« on: July 14, 2024, 12:31:13 PM »
Thanks for these. I will see if I can add them later today.

For the C172 the best approach for now is probably to split them up in parts like you've done. I hadn't added an option to remove wheel pants or wing tip liveries for the C172. I think it's only the 170 where I have included that option. At some point I will have to add options to remove these parts, so that you don't have to create separate layers for them.

Development / Re: Possible C172 repaint template for new livery
« on: July 13, 2024, 12:13:41 AM »
Thanks Mage,

Have added them to the OCR tool :D

General / Re: Can I release my DXTBMP repaint from scratch?
« on: February 08, 2024, 07:34:54 PM »
Hi Stuart,

Yes, if you've created it from scratch you can upload it in the Forum members' repaints board.

General / AI modeller abbreviations
« on: January 10, 2024, 05:25:22 PM »
Below is a list of abbreviations for AI modellers

4GAAero Commander 500S 4GAMike Cronin
ACGBoeing B-17G Flying Fortress ACGAirfield Construction Group
AIABoeing B717 AIADavid Rawlins
AIGAirbus A330-200 GE AIGAlpha India Group
AIMBombardier CRJ200 AIMCharles Dayhuff
ANAIDiamond DA20 Katana ANAIAndras Neuman
ARAIConair Firecat ARAIAndré Richalet
BdBAISchempp-Hirth Duo Discus BdBAIBert de Bruin
BLAIQuad City Challenger II BLAILynn and Bill Lyons
CAAIAero Ae-145 CAAIMike Cronin
CalCBeechcraft Model 18 CalCCalclassic
CdTPAC Cresco CdTCharl du Toit
CEAIBeechcraft Skipper 77 CEAIChris Eve
CEFEvektor EV97 SportStar CEFUnknown
CIAFAero L-29 Delfin CIAFUnknown
CISAntonov An-24 CISSergey Bunevich
CJAIGrob G 109 CJAIChris Jones
CPAIConvair CV-580 CPAIChristian Page
DFAICessna Citation Bravo DFAIDavid Frostin
DJCBombardier Global Express 5000 DJCCraig Ritchie
DWAIBeechcraft King Air A100 DWAIDee Waldron
EDAFokker Dr.I EDAEDAviation - Bruno Blin
FAIBAirbus A318 CFM FAIBErez Weber
FMAIBritish Aerospace 146-100 FMAIFernando Martinez
FSPAirbus A320S Neo FSPMitsushi Yutaka
FSPXAirbus Beluga XL FSPXMitsushi Yutaka
GAIAntonov An-124 GAIAndrew Hall
HTAIBeechcraft 1900C HTAIHenry Tomkiewicz
JAIBeechcraft Model 18 JAIJake Burrus
JBAIBombardier Challenger 600 6013A JBAIKelly Freeman
JHAIIlyushin Il-18D JHAIJohn Hinson
JMAIDouglas C-118B Liftmaster JMAI Jake Burrus and Michael Pearson
JTAIPilatus PC-6 H2 JTAIJohn Tennent
JYAIAgustaWestland AW139 JYAIJohn Young
KBAIBeechcraft Baron 55 KBAIKlaus Brosemann
KCAIBombardier Challenger 300 KCAIKen Carson
KFAIBell 212 KFAIK. Furuya
KRAISaab JAS 39BD Gripen KRAIWeescotty
LHAIde Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Floats LHAILars Hoyer
LHCAIJabiru 2 LHCAILionheart Creations
MaximAntonov An-38 MaximMakc-Sim
MBAICessna Citation I LW MBAIMorten Blindheim
MFAILet L-410 MFAIMax Vantenzin
MGAIAero L-39 Albatros MGAIMark Griggs
MKAIAlenia C-27J Spartan MKAIMiljan Korac
MLKZlin Z 142 MLKUnknown
MPCASA C-212-200 Aviocar Red Beacon MPMorne Pieters
MPAIBritten-Norman BN-2 Trislander Longnose MPAIMichael Pearson
MRAIAirbus Beluga MRAIMehlin Rainer
MVAICessna Citation Mustang MVAIMaxim Vantenzin
NAAIBoeing B707-320 NAAIJuan Sebastian Gonzalez
NBAIBAe Hawk 108 NBAINick Black
OSPATR 42-300 OSPOskari Syynimaa
PAIBritish Aerospace ATP PAIProject AI
PDAIRobin DR400 PDAIPascal Dumat
PSAIDassault Dornier Alpha Jet PSAIPascal Suls
PTAICessna T303 Crusader PTAIPavel Toman
RAILBombardier CRJ1000 RAILAndrew Quintal
RATSIlyushin Il-76 RATSAleksey Rubtsov
RFAIDassault Falcon 2000 RFAIRichard Faith
RWAIAntonov An-2 RWAIRysiek Winawer
SBAIAntonov An-14 SBAISergey Bunevich
SGAIDassault Falcon 200 SGAISean Gregory
SGDIlyushin Il-114 SGDSergey Gleba
SimLandmarksTupolev Tu-154 SimLandmarksSimLandmarks
SKJAntonov An-12 Mil SKJSergey Carr
TBAIAero Commander 690 TBAITodd Bolgrin
TCAIIlyushin Il-62M D-30KU Strobe TCAIEvgeniy Vasilyev
TFSAirbus A300 TFSThe Fruit Stand
UTTBoeing B787-800 UTTUnited Traffic Team
VSAILet L-410 Turbolet VSAIViktor Schacht

Suggestions / Re: AI aircraft model sources
« on: January 09, 2024, 10:51:17 PM »
Hi Jorgen,

I think a list is a good idea. I see I use more than 70 different abbreviations, so it may take some time. So you have any particular in mind that you're unsure of?

Experimental / Summer 2023 Flight Plans
« on: November 22, 2023, 11:04:37 PM »
Flight plans for Summer 2023

Other GA / Re: C172 VH-YRE
« on: September 08, 2023, 12:00:51 PM »
That font looks familiar. Do you know which one it is? I'll see if I can add it

General / Re: Cannot seem to locate some repaint packages
« on: August 13, 2023, 05:18:54 PM »
Just you wait until I release my summer 2023 plans  ;)

I have added a right-click option to get the offset for the spot you click.

The offset given depends on the active form/tab and on some settings on some forms/tabs

For the Registrations form, the following options affect the offsets given:
Position - changes to this are affected after clicking the Update button
Click to offset - changes to this are immediate after changing the value. If changing the value to none, the offsets are not affected

For the Elements form:
Section - changes to this are immediate after changing the value

Right-clicking the image on the Elements form, before selecting Text or the graphics to add, will bring up a context menu in the browser. I do not know how I can disable this without changing too much.

For all other forms/tabs:
Offset is calculated as if Position and Click to offset values are set to their default.

To remove the offset information popup, either left or right-click in the image.

Development / Re: Updates August 2023
« on: August 06, 2023, 04:30:07 PM »
New features:
Added rotation and shearing to additional text elements

Fixed backward compatibility to old text elements
Fixed issues where updated text elements were not showing

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