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North Korea
« on: October 13, 2016, 12:00:29 PM »
North Korea Pack

Most of these airports do not have an ICAO code, so instead I have named them ZKxx where xx relates to the number given to the airport at

Around half (23 out of 51) of the AFCADs will not have any details at all, however I aim to finish all of them.
For Wonsan airport (ZK03), I have made extensive changes to the surrounding coastline, however there may still be some graphical errors.
These changes also affect the coastline around Wonsan Elite (ZK04).

Please note that this was originally posted in October 2015 and there have not been any changes to them since December 2015. Wonsan airport has since got an ICAO code (ZKWS), please bear this in mind when using these AFCADs