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Title: Simaddons - CYQT and CYWG
Post by: jhaley101 on July 04, 2021, 08:59:13 AM
I have been an owner of Simaddons products dating back to FSX and now including MSFS. 

In between, I have developed AFCAD's for P3d v5.   Slowly, I am tackling their complete airport sceneries for this platform.   

Starting with CYQT and CYWG, here are two replacement AFCAD's for these airports, at this time, only for P3d v5.     Please make sure to turn off the original AFCAD's by renaming them with a .bak or .off extension.   

These revisions add more gates, more accurate parking, improvements to hold short nodes and some additional fixes.  You must have the Simaddons products for these to work.   

The larger airports have already been tackled by the major scenery developers, but I like the work that the developer has done with sceneries across Canada.

Aircraft information was gathered from the the use of AI Companion and gate size information was gleaned from AI Aircraft Editor.     When checking the work with ADE, only the runway elevation errors are present.   These airports all contain sloped runways, I have elected not to monkey with this information.    Everything else was tested from within the sim.   
Title: Re: Simaddons - CYQT and CYWG
Post by: charlymorton on July 04, 2021, 12:25:14 PM
Thank you very much for these :)
Title: Re: Simaddons - CYQT and CYWG
Post by: Ray757 on September 28, 2021, 02:10:44 AM

Thank you John,   

I look forward to checking these ADE's out now that I have moved from P3Dv4 to v5.