Author Topic: SGAI Falcon 200 Bio Charter Jets XB-OAP  (Read 594 times)


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SGAI Falcon 200 Bio Charter Jets XB-OAP
« on: September 04, 2022, 03:04:23 PM »
This OAP (old age pensioner) was recently involved in a drugs run (late 2020) and found with something like 3 tons of cocaine on board. It's not yet clear (according to RZJets) whether she will return to service.

Since my sim is stuck in 2019, this one is fine for me and might be for you as well!

Note that this repaint should be for the REV model for the Falcon because it has thrust reversers fitted. However the mapping of the thrust-reverser variant is wrong. It uses the port engine texture for the starboard engine as well. In all the cases I've painted so far, this has not been a problem (registration on the tail, etc), but this aircraft had the registration on the engine and while mirrored stripes is fine, mirrored text isn't. So this repaint needs to go onto the NOREV model, where the engine mapping works fine.

The only previous text-on-engine repaint I made (the New Yorker clothing aircraft VP-CCL) was on the NOREV model anyway, so that one is fine.

There are four (!) sets of 52-week flightplans for this repaint because I was messing with the balance of sectors flown to try to get the aircraft active in the Caribbean a bit more than it is. The planner chooses destinations at random and then vets them for suitability. In places with fewer large enough airports such as the Caribbean, a neighbouring country filled with suitable airports will get picked disproportionately, so it can be trick to establish a good balance at times - such as this one. You can always make a remix of weeks to suit yourself - such as finding all weeks in all sets where Aruba is visited and make a new set around all of those - if you visit Aruba a lot you might prefer this.

Or you can just pick a single week and run with it.

The aircraft is based at Toluca.

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